New Car Emission Standards – A Step in the Right Direction or Too Much Government Control?

In the auto recycling industry we are well aware of the difference between Federal and California emissions standards and how it affects the market for used parts. The new federal regulations may help standardize vehicle production nationwide and aim toward an environmentally conscious nation but is our safety and “American Freedom” at stake?

Auto Recyclers IT Show in New England a Success

IT Show 2009 – Auto Recyclers Reunion and Review was a great sucess. Seminars and workshops provided valuble knowledge about advances and changes within the automotive recycling industry and the trade show was packed with vendors showing off the lastest products. The vent raised thousands of dollars for charity and everyone had a good time in the process.

IT Show Schedule Updated – eBay Added to the Program

Meet Us At IT 2009 – New England schedule has been updated to include seminars and workshops by eBay Motors. Don’t miss IT!

Where did you go GTO? After a 30 year decline in sales Pontiac to say good-bye.

Of course with the current situation of Detroit I am not surprised that Pontiac is on the chopping block. Any division of a business labeled as a “steady money looser” can not be good for the overall health of a company.