Top 10 Reasons to Buy Parts from a Licensed Auto Recycler

1. Backyard mechanics are bad for the environment. We follow strict EPA and DEEP regulations to make sure all of our fluids and hazardous materials are disposed of properly. The other guy is hurting YOUR drinking water in YOUR neighborhood. 2. Our parts come with a standard 6 month warranty – what kind of a warranty can the backyard mechanic…

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Winter is Here, Drive Safe and Keep Your Car Running with Parts from East Coast Auto Salvage

If you need replacement parts this winter season, whether it’s mechanical or a body part please remember that East Coast Auto Salvage is your best source for quality recycled parts, and we ship nationwide. Drive safe!

East Coast Auto Salvage on Connecticut List of “Cash for Clunkers” Approved Disposal Facilities

East Coast Auto Salvage Inc. is on the list of authorized recycling yards to participate in the disposal of vehicles from the Cash for Clunkers national vehicle recovery program.