Winter is right around the corner…now is the time to buy your winter wheels!

Today marks the first day of fall, which means winter is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! We have good quality OEM wheels available at an excellent price! Don’t be left driving around on the same set of wheels year round! With the winter we had last year, it is best to prepare ourselves for what may lay ahead for the coming…

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East Coast Auto Salvage Featured in The Locator UpFront Magazine

The Locator UpFront magazine featured an article about East Coast Auto Salvage’s website and ecommerce manager, Taia Cesana.

Winter is Here, Drive Safe and Keep Your Car Running with Parts from East Coast Auto Salvage

If you need replacement parts this winter season, whether it’s mechanical or a body part please remember that East Coast Auto Salvage is your best source for quality recycled parts, and we ship nationwide. Drive safe!

Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work – Cash for Clunkers Vehicles Arrive at East Coast

What a surprise today when they brought down a load of vehicles including a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, 2000 Ford Windstar and 2001 Trailblazer. Three beautifully well maintained vehicles with moderately low mileage that will be destroyed because the Federal government somehow thinks that this is saving America money.

Engines at East Coast Auto Salvage Horrified by Nationwide Sodium Silicate Massacre

The Cash for Clunkers program requires the that the dealers destroy the engines of the trade in vehicles with a solution of sodium silicate. This mass killing of engines has left used engine communities across the nation, including the one at East Coast Auto Salvage, horrified and fearful.

East Coast Auto Salvage on Connecticut List of “Cash for Clunkers” Approved Disposal Facilities

East Coast Auto Salvage Inc. is on the list of authorized recycling yards to participate in the disposal of vehicles from the Cash for Clunkers national vehicle recovery program.

New Car Emission Standards – A Step in the Right Direction or Too Much Government Control?

In the auto recycling industry we are well aware of the difference between Federal and California emissions standards and how it affects the market for used parts. The new federal regulations may help standardize vehicle production nationwide and aim toward an environmentally conscious nation but is our safety and “American Freedom” at stake?

Where did you go GTO? After a 30 year decline in sales Pontiac to say good-bye.

Of course with the current situation of Detroit I am not surprised that Pontiac is on the chopping block. Any division of a business labeled as a “steady money looser” can not be good for the overall health of a company.