East Coast Auto Salvage eBay Listings Hit 5k – New Inventory Added Daily


eBay Gold Powerseller and over 2,000 positive Feedback  – As some of you may already know, since 2005 we have offered a selection of our best parts on eBay. Over the years we have worked our way up to Powerseller Gold status and have a positive feedback rating of over 2,000. We have found eBay to be a very good market as it enables us to reach out to customers across the country instead of just locally. The biggest challenge has been finding a way to accurately list and offer the thousands of late model used OEM parts that we have in inventory, we often have more vehicles rolling in the door than we can put up on eBay. That problem has been solved in part by an automated system that helps us better manage the thousands of parts we have listed and a full time staff member that is dedicated to maintaining our online inventory.

Now over 5,000 Quality Used OEM parts for your vehicle – The good news for our customers is that we have more parts than ever available for direct purchase on eBay and we are listing more every day. If you haven’t checked out our eBay store please do so today. You can find us at http://stores.shop.ebay.com/East-Coast-Auto-Salvage-Inc  If you see any part on eBay that you would like to purchase please consider giving us a call to order. We usually can save you at least 10% when you place your order over the phone. Our nationwide toll free number is 1-800-231-9121 and our local number is (860) 345-4591.

Accurate listings with photos of parts – We specialize in accurate eBay listings with complete descriptions of the part and actual photo of the item that you will receive. We know that some used parts sellers on eBay use stock photos to represent the parts that they are selling and that this can be confusing to the seller. Providing a photo is particularly important when dealing with interior or body parts where the seller wants to see the condition and color of the part that they are buying. We take pride in our listings and being able to offer photos of the items for the buyer to see. Some of our best selling parts on eBay this last month were interior parts including Power Window Switches, Sun Visors, Interior Door Panels and Seats.  All of these listings had photos and descriptions that tell about the donor vehicle and interior trim codes and color so there were no surprises when the customer received their part.

Nationwide and International Shipping – We can ship almost any part anywhere in the country and we can ship many parts to countries around the world. We ship small parts like tail lights, door mirrors, alternators, temperature controls and radios with UPS Ground within the US and with USPS internationally. Larger parts such as car seats, doors, engines and transmissions we ship with UPS freight to the US and Canada.

Check out our eBay store http://stores.shop.ebay.com/East-Coast-Auto-Salvage-Inc we are adding hundreds of new parts daily!

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