East Coast Auto Salvage Switches to Pinnacle Professional Inventory Management Software!

Here at East Coast Auto Salvage we are comitted to continual improvement in our processes in order to stay at the forefront of our industry.  This commitment to excellence has now lead us to upgrade our inventory management system- the nerve center of our day to day operations.  After several months of careful review we have decided to move forward with Actual System’s Pinnacle Professional inventory management system.

Upgrading to this new software will allow East Coast Auto Salvage to surpass the already high level of service our cutomer’s have come to expect from us.  Pinnacle Professional will help streamline many of our processes; improving part searches and speeding up delivery times while virtually eliminating errors made in order processing.

We are all very excited to add this intuitive, cutting edge software to our already strong sales team’s resources.  Our customers should expect and will see a marked improvement in overall service and satisfaction!

As always, please feel free to call any time with your salvage or aftermarket parts needs!

East Coast Auto Salvage



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