How to Find Paint Codes and Interior Trim Codes on Your Saab 9-3 and 9-5

 Saab information sticker

When we sell body parts and interior parts we always recommend to our customers that they match the paint or trim codes off of their vehicle to the codes from our vehicle. You might be suprised just how many color variations both in paint and interior trim colors were used by Saab.

Of course you can paint body parts to match your car, but we know it saves you time and money if you can find a replacement part already painted the right color. Here at East Coast we will always make the effort to help our customers get the right part they need and will provide paint and interior trim codes whenever possible.

This is a general guide of where to locate the paint and trim codes for your late model Saab. We do not have a list of the coinciding names for the colors – but if you are at least able to match the numbers when purchasing a part you will take the guess work out of trying to match colors.

Below I have listed a few examples of Saabs we have in inventory. The location of the VIN plate is different between the different models of Saabs. Sometimes it is on the edge of the driver’s door, and other times it can be on the inside of the door jamb.  It may not even be in one of those two places, sometimes they can be found on the radiator support, firewall, or in the glovebox (although that’s much less common, nowadays they are generally sticking to these main locations).  See examples below.

On all of the late model Saabs we deal with, the paint code should be three numbers long, and the interior trim code should be a letter and two numbers.  The sticker usually looks something like this, maybe a different color but the same basic info will be there.  On older cars the sticker looks different and it may not say “paint code” and “trim color” in plain-as-day English which makes it a little trickier to find the codes.

1999 Saab 93 sticker location

Here you can see the sticker on this 1999 Saab 93 is located on the inside of the driver’s door.  It can be seen only when the door is open.

1999 Saab 93 sticker

This is a picture of your basic Saab sticker, it has useful information such as recomended tire pressure, vehicle weight ratings, and what we’re talking about, paint and trim codes.

1999 Saab 93 sticker

Here is a close up shot of the sticker, you can clearly see the trim code and the paint code.  They’re usually somewhere near the bottom like this.  Paint code on this car is 153, and the interior trim code is L04.

Here’s another example of a similar sticker on a different Saab.

2002 saab 95 sticker location

Here you can see the sticker in this 2002 Saab 95 is located in the driver’s door jamb above the striker pin.  It too can only be seen when you have the door open.

2002 saab 95 sticker

See? its basically the same sticker as our other Saab, same good info, similar placement, but black. In this case the paint code is 279, and the interior trim code is K08.

Hopefully this guide was helpful in helping you find the paint and or interior trim code on your Saab.  As always, if you have any other questions about this topic, or any used auto part needs call us up at 1-800-231-9121!


  1. I’m looking for the paint code for interior on a 1984 Monte Carlo SS super sport. Thank you

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