How to find the paint code and interior trim code on your Honda or Acura!

When we sell body parts and interior parts we always recommend to our customers that they match the paint or trim codes off of their vehicle to the codes from our vehicle. You might be surprised just how many color variations both in paint and interior trim colors were used by Honda and Acura.  (Honda is Acura’s parent company, meaning Acuras are fancy Hondas, built by the same company.  If I am speaking of Honda in this post, it most likely applies to Acura as well unless otherwise noted)

Of course you can paint body parts to match your car, but we know it saves you time and money if you can find a replacement part already painted the right color. Here at East Coast we will always make the effort to help our customers get the right part they need and will provide paint and interior trim codes whenever possible.

This is a general guide of where to locate the paint and trim codes for your Honda. We do not have a list of the coinciding names for the colors – but if you are at least able to match the numbers when purchasing a part you will take the guess work out of trying to match colors.

Below I have listed a few examples of Hondas and Acuras we have in inventory. The location of the paint/trim sticker is almost always in the exact same place on a Honda, give or take an inch or two.   It’s been that way for a long time, so unless you have antique plates on your Honda, this should apply to you.  Your sticker(s) is located on the inside edge of your driver’s doorjamb near the striker pin (that’s the thing the door latches to when you shut it).  See examples below.

94 vigor sticker

We’ll start off with this 1994 Acura Vigor, open up the driver’s door you can clearly see the paint code and interior trim code stickers!  Sometimes there are two separate stickers like this and sometimes only one.  On pretty much any Honda or Acura commonly found on the road today it is almost guaranteed to be found right here! For you vintage Honda lovers I don’t know what to tell you as I have never personally checked one, it may still be here anyway.  Take a look  either way it only takes a second.

94 vigor sticker

Here’s the same sticker up close.  That’s about as easy as it gets!  Quick to find, and not hard to figure out either, it’s spelled out for you… on this car the paint code is NH-578 and the interior trim is type D.

Here’s another example:

95 Accord sticker

This is (was) a 1995 Honda Accord.  See how the sticker is in the same place?  Open the driver’s door and there you go!  On this one the only difference is that the striker pin is between the two stickers instead of them both being above it.

95 Accord sticker

A close up on that 1995 Accord reveals that the paint code is YR-505M-3 and the trim is type F.

Lets look at another one:

97 Acura RL sticker

Here is a 97 Acura RL.  Same place, right in the driver’s doorjamb, the sticker looks a little different, but it’s basically the same thing.

97 Acura RL sticker

The interior trim code is on top this time, but other than that and it being all on one sticker, its the same.  Notice a common trend here?  The paint code is NH-592P and the trim is type B.

I could go on all day and show you more examples, but like I said before, it doesn’t change much at all.  That would just turn this into a really long and repetitive blog.  Nobody wants that right?  I would think not.  In short, if you have a Honda, here’s where to find your paint and or interior trim code.  I hope that this information will come in useful for you and that this guide has helped you find the code you need!  Have a great day and thanks for reading.  As always, call us up at 1-800-231-9121 for all of your used auto part needs!

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