Junk Yard Dog

While cars are being dismantled, parts are being sold and the salvage yard is in full swing – there is one very important member of our team holding down the fort. Her name is Lola  –  she was a show girl . . . well not anymore. Now she is a junkyard pug. Unlike the show business, this position requires a lot more deep thought and meditation and much less glitz and glamor. To achieve this state of mind Lola passes the workday hours sleeping her bed in the back office.

Among many important responsibilities lunch break is her favorite.  At 12 noon sharp she ends her deep state of meditation to oversee the lunch activities. Her duties include making sure that everyone has a suitable lunch to partake of and of course making sure that nothing is dropped or left behind. When lunch time is over she goes outside to do a quick inventory management control and then returns to her meditating duties.

Lola has been at East Coast since she was a puppy, she knows the business inside and out. In her own words “Working at a junkyard is not glamorous – but it’s a good job.” Any questions for Lola can be directed to her publicist, Taia, who can be reached during business hours.

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