Top 10 Reasons to Buy Parts from a Licensed Auto Recycler

1. Backyard mechanics are bad for the environment. We follow strict EPA and DEEP regulations to make sure all of our fluids and hazardous materials are disposed of properly. The other guy is hurting YOUR drinking water in YOUR neighborhood.
2. Our parts come with a standard 6 month warranty – what kind of a warranty can the backyard mechanic offer you?
3. We offer exceptional quality in our parts; they are pulled by our trained mechanics and quality control checked before going to our customers.
4. Our prices are better because we are dealing on a larger scale, plus our prices include excellent service and warranty.
5. We provide jobs within our community, which in turn helps the economy. The other guy is only helping his economy.
6. Same time, same place 6 days a week. You can find us here when you need us, who knows where the other guy is by now when you have a problem with your part?
7. We have information that the backyard mechanic doesn’t – our computerized system tells us the OE applications along with options and ID number we can make sure you are getting what you need.
8. Our parts aren’t hot, well except for being out in the sun.
9. We have resources, if we don’t have the part you need we can reach out to a network of hundreds of auto recyclers to find it or offer you aftermarket options.
10. We like babies and dogs; clearly we can’t be bad people to work with.

Tested, warrantied, on the shelf, ready to go!

Buy your used parts from a licensed auto recycler!
East Coast Auto Salvage Inc.
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