Winter is right around the corner…now is the time to buy your winter wheels!

Today marks the first day of fall, which means winter is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! We have good quality OEM wheels available at an excellent price! Don’t be left driving around on the same set of wheels year round! With the winter we had last year, it is best to prepare ourselves for what may lay ahead for the coming winter months.


If you’ve got 17″ or even larger wheels, the benefits of a smaller wheel/tire combo are quite clear! A smaller and narrower tire has better grip and performance in snow or ice. This is both because the smaller tire cuts through snow more effectively, and because the weight of the car is pressing on a more focused set of contact area.


You may be thinking of just swapping tires on and off the same set of wheels. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to either avenue and requires some careful consideration. Changing tires might save money initially but while an extra set of winter wheels will constitute a larger initial investment, it is much more practical in the long run. The cost of mounting, dismounting, and balancing the same set of wheels twice a year can add up to over $300/year, not including the cost of the tires themselves and the time it consumes to go to the shop! With having two sets of wheels/tires, and the right tools, you can likely just swap out the sets of wheels right at home.


Give us a call at 1-800-231-9121 and we will find the right winter wheels for vehicle!

All of our wheels are guaranteed to be free of bends and cracks! We certify that all our wheels will hold air and are in good condition!

Buy your used parts from a licensed auto salvage, it’s better for your wallet and better for the environment.

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