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How did East Coast Auto Salvage begin? Back in 1985 our family purchased an established, but out-dated Junk Yard (as it was called back in the day) in Southern Connecticut. Even though there was a foundation of a salvage yard we had to work hard to modernize and update it. We brought in one of the first computerized inventory database systems available for the industry called Auto-Info by Checkmate. This system enabled us to log our inventory in a central database and provided us with interchange information about each part. Before computers were available all interchange information was looked up in Hollander manuals, which was time consuming and inefficient. We used this DOS based computer system for years until the system became available in a windows based format around 2002. We signed up as a Beta yard as soon as the technology became available. We used the Checkmate system until 2010 when we switched to a system called Pinnacle Professional that allowed up better control not only on our inventory but on our production and ecommerce sales. We now have more information than ever about interchange for every make and model, both foreign and domestic. This system allows us to better service our customers by helping them find exactly what parts they need for their vehicle.

What is a Junk Yard? While once called a Junk Yard the modern day auto recycling facility is a much more advanced kind of business. We are not just collecting “junk”; we are recycling inoperable vehicles and at the same time doing a great service to the auto repair industry and the environment. When an end-of-life vehicle is brought in or purchased by our facility we evaluate the damage and are able to stock and sell the good working parts of the vehicle and recycle the rest. By selling the reusable parts we prevent the necessity for new production of these replacement parts which saves energy costs and reduces harm to the environment. Properly recycling a vehicle requires a lot more than just “crushing” it. Each vehicle is carefully processed to remove all contaminating materials including antifreeze, oil, gasoline, mercury switches and tires. Only when a vehicle has been stripped and dried does it go to a metals scrap yard where the metals are recycled. Recycling metals such as steel is cheaper and more energy efficient than producing new steel from mined iron ore.

What can we do for you? As an auto owner and a consumer you have decisions to make when your vehicle needs repair. Of course the most obvious decision is where to have your vehicle worked on. You may prefer to go back to the dealer or maybe you have a trusted mechanic or body shop to do the work. Wherever you end up taking it did you know that you can request to have used OEM parts installed on your vehicle instead of new? Not only will this save you money but it also helps the environment by reducing the demand for production of new replacement parts. As a licensed auto recycler we are a major supplier of used OEM parts to the market in Connecticut. All of our mechanical parts are tested before inventory and come with our standard 90 day warranty. All body parts are inspected for physical damage and graded accordingly. Whether you need a replacement engine or you need a fender we can help you save money while repairing your vehicle. If your garage or body shop is unsure about the quality and availability of used OEM parts please tell them to give us a call. We can explain the many benefits of our business and hopefully convince them to consider used OEM parts before new for all of their customers.

Visit our website:  www.ecautosalvage.com to see our complete inventory and other useful information.

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